Year 8 work for 7 Nov

Branching out

branching-story.pptx branching-story.pptxBranching out

Open the file, ‘branching_story.ppt’ from the shared area\ICT\Computing\Year 8 or on here

Save it to your own area.                        

Put the presentation into slide show or full-screen mode.  hier.jpg

Work your way through the presentation making choices as you go.

When you finish, go back and try out the opposite route from your first choice.


Using presentation software, design and create your own hierarchical presentation.  You can base it on a short story, a film, a computer game or anything else which interests you

Once you have completed your presentation, get another student to work their way through it. 

Ask for feedback on how your presentation could be improved.

 Branching file

How to create a hyperlink (to go to a different page)


  1. Type your text e.g. Go North
  2. Highlight the text
  3. Right click on the text
  4. Chose ‘hyperlink’ from the menu
  5. Click on the ‘place in this document’ option from the left hand side
  6. Choose the slide that you want to link to (note, you must have already made the slide before you try to link to it)
  7. Click ‘ok’