Year 10 practical homework

Database Revision

Anchors and Hyperlinks

This week's homework is designed to reinforce the work anchors.  As you all did well in the exercise and in the lesson then this piece of work should not cause any problems.  This can be carried out at home using notepad and the internet. 


Open the webpage HTMLTIPS.HTM  in notepad or wordpad (if you do not have notepad).  Replace the text YOUR NAME with your name. 

Edit the webpage so that each new section contains an anchor.  Use these anchors to create hyperlinks from the approprite text in the first section.  Make the word 'top' in the last line a hyperlink to the top of the page.

Make the word 'CIE' a hyperlink to the website  , the word Hodder Education a hyperlink to the website,uk and the text W3C a hyperlink to

Send the notepad to

It is better to send an tried but incorrect piece of work than not sending one

HTMLTIPS HtmltipsHtmltips

Deadline  - 4th April