What if I dont do my homework

What if I don't do my homework

Homework is very important especially the further up the school that you go.  Therefore it is taken very seriously within school.  Sometimes there are legitimate excuses why you cannt complete homework and each of these are taken as indicvidual cases.  however if a pattern appears to be repeated then sanctions will be used to complete your homework.

Homework should be completed in your own time and sent in your own time. Email systems date stamp as they are sent and it is easy to see if homework has been sent in a lesson for from home.  Deadline dates are generous, you have a week to complete the work and that will always include a weekend.  You can complete homework in the ILC, especially if you have problems with downloading files at home (in your own time) or at home. 

All work should include your name either on the piece of work itself or in the email.  Copying other students work does not help you as it gives your teacher a different aspect as to what you know and what you dont.  For example if you copy work from someone else then it could show that you understand a topic thoroughly and this could be missed in revision or reinforcement and that means you go into examinations unprepared.  It is better t get a low mark on homework by doing it yourself and then reinforcement can be put into place to help you that copying work.  If you are caught copying work in a national examination then the minimum ban is all subjects taken that year are xeroed and a ban is put into place.  The maximum ban I have seen used is 5 years - thats 5 years without taking a National Examination.

If you miss homework then you will get at least a 30 min detention

Failure to turn up to this results in an hours detention

Failure to turn up to this results in a two hour detention

Failure to turn up to this results in isolation